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Texas Tech Red Raider Notes for 09-14-2007

Texas Tech Football:

LAJ's Don Williams gives a little love to L.A. Reed for his absolutely incredible play on special teams and his increasingly important role on offense. Coach Lincoln Riley thinks that Reed may be this team's most valuable player:

"They're both playing well," Riley said. "I think what makes him most consistent is doing all the stuff on special teams, then he comes back over to offense and doesn't miss a beat. As far as the role he has on this team, I don't know if we have a more valuable player, just because he can do so many things."

There's no doubting how Coach Leach feels about:

"I don't really think he's in the shadow of anybody," Leach said this week. "L.A. Reed's arguably the best special-teams player on the entire team. Every week, there's a highlight somewhere of L.A. Reed. He's more versatile than Crabtree from a whole team concept. There isn't anything on special teams he can't do. For all I know, he can punt and kick.

"He's got a broader scope of what we ask him to do, and as a result loses probably a couple of snaps offensively, but magnifies what he does on special teams."

I had a conversation with my brother-in-law during the SMU game about how Reed was such a special teams ace and started debating whether a player would ever be drafted solely based on his play on special teams. The verdict was that if the player was as special as Reed there wasn't any reason why and NFL team shouldn't.

Good stuff by Don.

Don reports that quarterback Stefan Loucks, running back Aaron Crawford and defensive end Brandon Sharpe will travel with the team, although they all expect to be redshirted. The team likes to travel a few of the freshmen every week to introduce them to the travel routine. Also making the trip, redshirt freshman defensive tackle Britton Barbee.

DT's Adam Coleman says the Texas Tech defense is looking to improve against the Rice offense. Joe Garcia on what the UTEP game did for the defense:

"I think we needed that as a defense, as a team, because we really haven't been adverse this season," he said, "and coming off the second half, I think we really took care of that, and it really showed. I felt that it was really needed, we needed that little adversity and we overcame it and it shows what kind of team we practice to be on and the team chemistry is there."

Isn't it too early to say that you needed a wake-up call? Granted, I'd rather see this quote now than against Oklahoma State, but you just shouldn't need to face adversity so early, right?

The Chron's Terrance Harris details some of the history between Texas Tech and Rice. A nice history lesson.

College and Big 12 Football:

Alright, this is getting ridiculous, UT has more players in trouble . . . Check out Corn Nation and Conquest Chronicles for coverage on the biggest non-conference Big 12 game this weekend . . . TCU lost to Air Force . . .