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I'll Strike Ye Out, Ya Horn Swollgin' Swabbie!

LAJ's Don Williams writes that Coach Leach will be throwing out the first pitch Friday night for the game between the Houston Astros and wait for it . . . wait . . . the Pittsburgh Pirates. Captain Mike had this to say about his first-pitch philosphy:

"You don't throw it real hard, now," Leach said. "You're just trying to make that glove not move. Try not to make that glove move and try not to let the mound screw you up."


"I've been very lucky on those things," he said. "And if I throw it on the ground or throw it over the dude's head, I don't really care about that, because there's been plenty of people do that, so what difference does it make if I do it? By the third inning, they're not even going to remember who threw the first pitch anyway."