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Texas Tech Basketball Fix

Texas Tech Basketball:

There's nothing like a little basketball news right at the beginning of football season. Hat-tip to NCAA Hoops Today for a preview on our 2007-2008 Texas Tech Red Raiders, by Joe Welser. The "Who's In" section was the most interesting, but I did have a problem with some of the statements. First, he states that John Roberson was a shooting guard in high school and I'm not sure that he ever played shooting guard in high school, I was always under the assumption that he was a scoring point guard.

Next, Welser has this to say about D'Walyn Roberts:

Incoming freshman D'Walyn Roberts is a skinny Dora. He has a nice outside shot, but needs to continue to beef up to make any sort of impact under the basket.

Umm, no. Roberts is not a skinny Dora, not even close. Roberts is an athletic and long 6-7 forward who can shoot from the outside, but can also play defense. Dora was none of these things.

I do agree with Welser's final assessment, that this is a more athletic version of last year's team, but I disagree that this team is NIT bound, but I'm a homer

I previously previewed each position earlier in the summer so if you're hoops starved then I hope this helps:

There should be a couple of caveats to the DTN previews. First, I understand that Hardeman and Ashford have not qualified. I'm not sure that this has officially been announced, but neither are on the 2007-2008 roster (pdf).

I hope that took care of your basketball fix because it may be a while.