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LAJ's 2007 Texas Tech Red Raiders Preview

The LAJ has an overwhelming amount of information and previews this morning in its 2007 Texas Tech Red Raider Season Preview. I've read all of the articles this morning and thought about doing my normal write-up, but this is something you'll want to read on your own. I must say though that my favorite article was the Don Williams article where he compares this current team to his favorite team, the 1989 Red Raiders. This is the first time that I can remember an article so honest and "from the hip" from Don and it's really well done. Don's fond memories of that 1989 team coupled with the seemingly low expectations from the majority make for an excellent article.

After the wife leaves I'm going to start working on a new depth chart and I'll probably be checking back in this afternoon or tonight.

Have a great Saturday watching some meaningful football!