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Texas Tech Red Raider Notes for 08-06-07

Texas Tech Football:

Don also writes that Coach Mike Leach is advocating that the NCAA consider adding a preseason game. Coach Leach on the idea:

Asked which other team he'd like to scrimmage or have practice against, Leach said, "We don't play New Mexico this year. I would think somebody like us and, say, New Mexico. Either we'd go there or they'd come here or meet halfway. "Have a combined practice. Run a one-on-one period with our guys versus theirs. Run a little (skeleton passing). Run a little (11-on-11). We help fortify them for their season. They help fortify us for our season and off we go."

I think this option is great, but could see the NCAA saying that this would take away from an already busy summer for the players and it would put too much of a strain on the players' academics.'s Mark Sparrow has the top 5 questions of 2007:

  1. Who will provide depth at DT?
  2. Can Graham Harrell be more consistent?
  3. Is Michael Crabtree as good as advertised?
  4. Can Chad Hill stay healthy?
  5. Will Danny Amendola be a leader?

Good questions by Sparrow. Don Williams answered some questions regarding defensive tackle on Saturday morning. Harrell certainly does have room for improvement, but I think that he'll be able to take the next step in terms of on-the-field performance. DTN believes that Crabtree will be an absolute star now it's time for him to show the rest of the conference how special he is. Although Hill is more experienced I think the Red Raiders can recover from any loss should he be unable to play. With Amendola attending the Big 12 Media Day, I'd like to think that Amendola will step in nicely as a leader for this offense.