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On August 3, 2007 SAEN's Tim Griffin had this to say about Coach Leach's quarterback recruiting while at Texas Tech:

Tech coach Mike Leach has signed one quarterback in each signing period since 2005.

You would think that Leach's offensive strategy would prompt much interest among recruits. But it appears that Tech's recruiting strategy is to focus on one quarterback each year, sign them, and then stop recruiting other quarterbacks for that year.

On August 1, 2007 I had this to say about some of Texas Tech's recruiting trends:

One Quarterback: For 4 straight seasons, 2005 through 2008, Leach has signed 1 quarterback for each class (in 2004 he signed Harrell and Robert Johnson) and I would expect that tradition to continue from this point forward. Although I can't climb into the head of Coach Leach, I'd have to imagine that a quarterback is more valuable to him the longer he's been in the system.

We talked about this with the offensive linemen above, but it's even more true with the quarterback. The more repetitions the quarterback sees the more success the quarterback will have. Leach has proven this theory with a string of one year quarterbacks who have had a tremendous amount of success. Much has been made of the return of Harrell, and I for one am excited that he'll be able to start more than 1 season, but the reality is that he's setting himself up to have 1 quarterback for 1 year for quite some time. Excluding Potts, who will start 2 years if all goes according to plan, but Loucks and Doege will each have one year at the helm.

I also think that at some point, Leach probably believes that 1 quarterback is plenty, but any more than that is a waste of a scholarship, especially if a quarterback is signed, and stays with the team, each year.

In other words, there's no need to use a scholarship on a player, at a position, where said player won't be used or is simply unnecessary.

Huh . . . I'm not saying anything.