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Texas Tech Red Raider Notes for 08-29-07: Chad Hill to Start

EDSBS recognizes the greatness that is Mike Leach in their daily affirmation. This was yesterday's affirmation, and not necessarily appropriate today, but who cares.


Texas Tech Football:

Shannon Woods was named to the Doak Walker Award watch list for the nation's best running back and Alex Trlica was named to the Lou Groza Collegiate Place-Kicker Award. Congrats to both Shannon and Alex, excellent work.

LAJ's Don Williams writes this morning about the childhood relationship between Jamar Wall and Justin Willis. Also included in the online article is a preview of the Mustangs. DTN's preview will be posted late Thursday night.

Don's Red Raiders Football Notebook says that Chad Hill has nailed down the starting weakside linebacker position, but will split time with Marlon Williams and Blake Collier may also see some time there. Williams notes that positions yet to be determined are nose tackle and cornerback as Brandon Williams will be starting at the rush end position.

The Daily Toreador's is back with a number of new articles that I missed. First up is an article from Alex Ybarra where he writes about the yet to be determined rotation for the offensive line and notes that the rotation still isn't set:

"No, nothing is set in stone," Leach said. "(Coaches are) just trying to try some things out and see what combinations work together."

Next up for Alex is an article on the defensive line and the incoming freshmen who may be a part of the rotation. Coach Ruffin McNeill had this on Agoucha:

"Everything is new to him, which I like because everything I know will be what he knows," McNeill said. "The thing that (Agoucha) brings is he's got as much talent or more at the position. He's got a great first step, great power at the point of contact. He uses his hands well, and he understands body position during pass rush."

I love hearing how McNeill thinks that Agoucha has real talent and understands the concept of leverage for a defensive tackle.

McNeill on Whitlock:

"He understands balance and change of body momentum on an offensive lineman for pass rush, which is the hardest thing to teach," he said. "You only have a split second to take advantage of a guy's off-balance posture. Colby's wrestling experience helps him understand that. He gets them leaning one way, and knows how to counter that and come opposite."

Ybarra also gets quotes on the remaining tackles, go check out both articles.

Big 12 Football:

SAEN's Tim Griffin has an article on the depth at quarterback in the Big 12