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Texas Tech Red Raider Notes for 08-28-07: LaCour to Start

DTN News:

Make sure and help out a college football fan who emailed to inquiring what he and his brother should do to have a good time in Lubbock on game day.

Texas Tech Football:

LAJ's Don Willliams focus this morning is on freshman punter Jonathan LaCour who has won the punting job and will back up Alex Trlica on field goals. According to Don, LaCour will just be asked to punt the hell out of the ball for the first few weeks and not worry about any sort of directional punting. Williams also notes that LaCour thrives under pressure:

Last winter, Austin-based recruiting analyst Randy Rodgers, a former John Mackovic assistant coach at Illinois and Texas, said the ability to punt under pressure seems to be one of LaCour's fortes. "A lot of kids can stand in there and kick, but it's a different deal when people rush you," Rodgers said. "LaCour is a good one. He's been one of my favorites."

There are also some special teams positions that are being decided and per Ruffin McNeill the kickoff returners are L.A. Reed, Michael Crabtree, Shannon Woods, Ed Britton, Jamar Wall and LaRon Moore. Also of note is that most likely true freshmen will not be needed on special teams because there is so much current depth.

Don's Red Raiders Football Notebook details that Colby Whitlock could start at nose tackle:

"There's a very good chance of that," defensive tackles coach Ruffin McNeill said Monday. "That hasn't been decided. But if he keeps improving this week, I wouldn't have any problem putting him out there with the first group, because he's making plays. He makes plays, and he does it over four or five times in a row."

Also, the Red Raiders will run through a light practice on Saturday while Coach Leach might watch a few games:

"I'm not a huge game-watch guy," Leach said. "I don't know how other (coaches) are. You really don't root for anybody. You look at plays or how they did this or that - kind of a what would I do in this situation? Hypotheticals run through your head a little bit."
[editor's note, by Seth C] I missed FWST's Dwain Price's article on defensive tackle Brian Jones. No time to read. I'm off to work.

Big 12 Football:

FWST's Jimmy Burch, a writer who I also enjoy reading, answers a number of questions regarding the Big 12. Not a surprise, Texas Tech isn't discussed once.