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Red Raider Notes for 08-25-07: Johnson is Starting Right Tackle

DTN News:

So last night, I figure I should mow my yard so that I have a little more free time Saturday morning and I've probably got 15 more minutes before I'm done. Hiding in the tall grass was a chunk of wood about the size of a baseball, unbeknown to me or my lawn mower I was about to run over that chunk of wood. As this happened, I heard a loud noise and before I could even blink that chunk of wood had taken dead aim for my right ankle. I held on to the safety release because I didn't want the neighbors to hear the 7 or 8 F-bombs that I let loose.

In case you're wondering, I finished mowing because I'm dedicated like that.

I'll be at the SMU game, likely amongst the SMU crowd as I bought my tickets last night. I can't wait for the season to start.

Texas Tech Football:

Before we get to the news, I'd like to commend Texas Tech University for getting every kid to take their official individual photo with a shirt, tie and jacket. It's a small detail, but it looks sharp, old school.

LAJ's Don Williams' story is about how offensive tackle Jake Johnson has secured the starting right tackle position. As an aside, I wonder how many Division I programs have not one, but two walk-ons starting for their team? I would expect that there wouldn't be many. Anyway, Williams notes from offensive line coach Matt Moore that Johnson has exceeded expectations:

"He's really impressed us with how fast he's caught on to the offense," line coach Matt Moore said. "He does a lot of things: He uses his hands well and moves his feet well and is a big body. He's catching on to the offense and, really, his effort is tremendous. It's not often you find a guy that big that gives full effort every snap. He does."

I'm still somewhat skeptical about the whole offensive line. On one hand, I believe that Moore is trying to get the most talented guys on the field at any one particular time, but on the other hand, I still worry about the constant moving around for the lineman. Perhaps, I'm making a bigger deal out of moving offensive linemen around than I should, but it just seems a little late to be doing this.

Don's Red Raiders Football Notebook mentions that Ryan Hayes, backup runningback, has left the team to continue his family's missionary work in Kenya. God speed Ryan.

DMN's Brandon George reports that the team is simulating a road game this weekend. Meh.

Big 12 and College Football:

DMN College blogger Tim MacMahon noted's bowl predictions, of which Texas Tech is predicted to play Notre Dame in the Independence Bowl.

SAEN's Tim Griffin has his Big 12 Insider. There's no new Texas Tech news, but lots of notes, as always.