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Texas Tech Red Raider Notes for 08-24-07

DTN News:

Posting may be a little thin this weekend. I'll be taking my Texas hunter's safety course on Sunday afternoon. I know, a Texas-born and thirty-something male is supposed to be licensed to hunt, but I'm not. Quite simply, as a kid I never got around to doing this, but after this weekend, I'll be officially official licensed.

DTN and the wife have also planned a family cook-out on Saturday night at the DTN abode, which means that I have yard clean-up duties Saturday morning and fajita-cooking duties Saturday evening.

More than likely, I'll get up extra early to get out any Texas Tech news this weekend. It's close folks, real close.

Texas Tech Football:

LAJ's Don Williams has an excellent article about freshman wide receiver Lyle Leong. Don details how Leong broke his arm in the spring and continued to practice and catch everything in his wake.

"I think having that one (good) hand for the spring really helped me out, because one-handed you've got to concentrate more and really focus on the ball," Leong said this week. "I think it actually made me a better receiver and helped me to always concentrate and make sure I look it in."

Receivers coach Lincoln Riley is impressed with his moxie and willingness to compete:

"The biggest thing the kid's done - and he did it in the spring - was he was never scared to get in there and compete," Riley said. "Most true freshmen come in with a deer in the headlights look a little bit. They're a little scared to get out there and go after it. The first day he came out here, he looked like he belonged."

I thought this tidbit was interesting regarding how receivers are taught to catch fade routes in the back corner of the endzone:

Leong has high jumped 7 feet, 1 inch in competition, but Tech coaches aren't looking for him to use that trait in the red zone. Though a fade route to the corner is an oft-used call in the Tech playbook, Red Raiders receivers are coached to keep their feet on the ground, wall off a defender and catch the pass over the outside shoulder.

Players who catch the ball are incredibly valuable, but athletes who can jump 7 feet in the air and catch everything thrown their way are even more valuable. I'm excited to see what Leong can do this fall and I've got a funny feeling that he's going to be on the field quite a bit more than just backing up Michael Crabtree.

Don's Red Raiders Football Notebook has a lot of information on the receivers. Don notes that offensive coordinator Holgorsen is still making decisions about whether to redshirt Detron Lewis, Tramain Swindall, Adam James and Adrian Reese. The abbreviated version is that Lewis, Swindall and James are still up in the air, but Reese is expected to play:

"It's really not about how many plays they make as much as what they do play in and play out," Holgorsen said. "Can they play hard enough? Can they play fast enough? Can they make the blocks? Do they know where they're going? Do they freeze up? I've got to study the film to see where we're at on that."

The injury to Todd Walker may be a little more serious than I've previously thought and the coaches may also utilize a redshirt on Walker if his situation doesn't improve.

Big 12 and College Football:

I know that this has made the rounds (hat-tip to Bob Sturm), but this is taking the Red River Rivalry a bit too far.

Mizzou Sanity has a funny video of receiver Greg Bracey, Res Hall Linebacker.

I'm sure that you guys realize that there's going to be a couple of excellent games opening weekend, one of them being Kansas State and Auburn. Make sure and check out Bring On The Cats and Track 'Em Tigers for all of your pre-game information.

Big hat-tip to The Wizard of Odds for the ultimate college football schedule (with logos) and without logos.