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Texas Tech Red Raider Notes for 08-23-07

Texas Tech Football:

I could have used the Hillenbrandt boys this past weekend (yes, that's really the tree that I had to cut down this weekend). LAJ's Don Williams has a nice article on the success of Kelly Hildrenbrandt. Don details that Hildenbrandt and his brothers have their own tree trimming/removal business on the side, but it's Hildenbrandt's perseverance should show up on the field this fall as he seems to have secured a part of the inside receiver rotation. A typical day for Hildenbrandt:

"Of course, you're putting in workouts in the morning -- lifting weights and running," he said. "Then you're going out and working in the hot sun all day, and then coming back for a heated 7-on-7 (football practice) in the Jones. And then do it all over again. But I wouldn't have had it any other way."

Dana Holgorsen has some incredibly nice things to say about Hildenbrandt:

"I can't think of a single period in a single practice that he's missed in four years he's been here," Holgorsen said. "He's resilient. He's tough. He's determined. He's in good shape. You can't kill the kid. I'm very proud of how he's progressed. And there'll be a point during the season where we'll probably stick him out there, and he'll do some good things."

I really wonder if the coaching staff will stick with Hildenbrandt the entire year? He's certainly earned the opportunity, especially considering his competition has been injured all spring and fall, but Hildenbrandt has been at practice everyday competing for a position.