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Texas Tech Red Raider Notes for 08-18-17

Texas Tech Football:

LAJ's Don Williams writes today about the wide receiver battle between L.A. Reed and Ed Britton. I love me some competition, especially when we're talking about two very talented players. I've thought that Britton would be a more important part of the offense because of his speed, but Reed is no slouch. Receivers coach Lincoln Riley had this on this position battle:

"If we played today, it would probably be pretty close to 50-50," Tech wide receivers coach Lincoln Riley said of the projected playing time for junior L.A. Reed and sophomore Edward Britton.


"Then if a guy was to get hot, start making a lot of catches and really playing well, obviously we'd try to get him more reps," Riley said.

Don astutely points out that there is some history at this position which would lead one to believe that at some point in the season, one receiver will standout over the other.

It sounds like the game is beginning to slow down for Britton and his approach to the game is a little more serious:

"Over time, as you get more situated and in control, you get more calm to you," he said. "I remember when I was a freshman, watching the games on TV, I was nervous. And now, even last year when I got the little playing time behind (Joel) Filani, I wasn't as nervous. It was more go out there, do my job and get whatever I had to do done."

LAJ's Don Williams' Texas Tech Notebook focuses on the outstanding play on sophomore defensive tackle Ra'Jon Henley, who, according to Don, is making plays behind the line of scrimmage every day.

That is outstanding news for Red Raider fans. This defense needs more play makers and it sounds like both Henley and Stoffels are both play makers.

Offensive tackle Jake Johnson, all 6'7" 369 pounds of him, is making an impression on Coach Leach:

"For a gigantic guy, he plays real hard," Leach said.

Johnson, who was 6-foot-7 and 369 pounds this summer, is backing up Rylan Reed at right tackle and making a push to be in the line's playing rotation.

"He's adjusted quick, he's confident, and I think he plays hard," Leach said.

Freshman wide receiver Detron Lewis is now wearing a cast on his right hand.

Don's playmakers of the day: Adrian Reese, Danny Amendola, Taylor Potts, Ed Britton, Graham Harrell, Lance Fuller.

Texas Tech Basketball:

I completely missed this yesterday, but Knight School winner Tyler Hoffmeister has accepted an invitation to return to the team. Tyler is going to write an amazing book one of these days about his experiences. I hope he's taking notes.

College Football:

FWST's Gil Lebreton has a fine article on preseason All-American Tommy Blake and his recent absence from the team. Blake is expected to be a high draft pick in next year's NFL draft and it appears that the pressure and stress of being watched as if he was in a fishbowl has gotten to Blake. You hope this kid "figures it out" and gets to a place where he's comfortable being who he is.