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Texas Tech Red Raider Notes for 08-15-07

Texas Tech Football:

LAJ's Don Williams' feature this morning is on freshman linebacker Bront Bird. Williams notes that Bird now weighs 235, which is a gain of 35 pounds from his senior season last year. To gain Bird consumed 6,000 calories a day, but Setencich and Leach think that Bird has a chance to play this year:

"He's going to be huge before it's all over," Tech coach Mike Leach said. "He's been very impressive. His adaptability is probably his single most impressive thing. He's one of those guys that came here a little bigger than we expected, a little faster than we expected, a little smarter than we expected and a lot more adaptable."

Leach said his attitude and enthusiasm have been good, too.

"You could literally ask him to do anything, and he'd be fired up to do it is the impression I get," Leach said. "I think he's a good example, not just to the younger guys but some of the older guys, too."

The word that jumped out at me is "adaptable". I think Leach loves kids who have the ability to be adaptable in terms of position and as a player, he'll do whatever you need to do.

I never thought Bird would play this year, but he's come into the fall camp ready to earn a position, that's great.

Don's Red Raiders Football Notebook begins with focusing on cornerback Marcus Bunton. Williams states that Bunton is alternating a starting cornerback position with Jamar Wall. It sounds like there's so much talent in the defensive backfield that players are pushing each other to get better and they are competing for playing time. This unit is going to be good.

Rush end Tyler Yenzer was injured yesterday and Don notes that the injury initially appeared to be a head or spinal injury, although the MRI and CT scan came back negative. Let's hope that this is a minor setback and Yenzer can get back on the field and competing.

Freshman receiver Tramain Swindall will only be at the "Y" inside position and said he felt "discombobulated" at the "H" position. Don notes the following players from yesterday's practice: Marlon Williams, Chad Hill, and Ty Linder.

More on the heat: Apparently UT's players are digesting a small computer/mechanical device to monitor body temperatures.

Please welcome Bring on the Cats, formerly K-State Sports and Beyond. This is a great addition to SB Nation and we're glad to have TB on board.