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Texas Tech Red Raider Notes for 08-12-07

DTN News:

Fully recovered for, the most part, DTN is ready for the week ahead. While trying to think of something original to write I thought a good subject would be what your impressions are of fall camp, just after a week. Myself, like most of you I would assume, cannot attend practices, but perhaps we begin formulating some ideas as to where we are after one week.

I've also been thinking that there's got to be a better name for the morning's news and notes. BON uses "Morning Coffee" so there's no reason to copy, but any help with names would be appreciated.

Texas Tech Football:

LAJ's Don Williams focus this morning is on senior inside receiver Danny Amendola and his desire to improve on last year's performance. There's actually quite a few quotes from Eric Morris on Amendola and some insight on the difficulty a smaller wide receiver has in playing Division I football:

"Football's a tough game when you're a little guy, and you kind of get beat around in your early years - don't really have a chance to get strong and get your body ready for the college game. It's a big jump from high school to Division I. Now that he's healthy and he's gotten stronger, it makes a big difference."

I've never really considered Amendola to be a "little guy", but perhaps that is the case playing in that inside receiver spot where a player is more likely to be roughed up a bit than on the outside.

Williams notes that Amendola may have more success this year because he's more familiar with Harrell and he's moving to the "Y" position, where Amendola was at the "H" position last year. I'll let Williams and Amendola explain:

Historically, the "Y" starter in Leach's Tech offenses averages 71 receptions for 850 yards and almost seven touchdowns.

In addition, the "H" receiver comes out of the game for the "H" blocking back when the Raiders use a two-back offense. Playing "Y," a receiver is in the game either way, though Amendola shares his spot with the tight end.

"There's more plays, and you don't come out of the game as much," Amendola said. "You get a little more opportunity to run some vertical routes. It's a lot better, I think. I'm excited."

Don's Red Raiders Football Notebook reports that Setencich has been impressed with freshmen Colby Whitlock, middle linebacker Sam Fehoko and linebacker Bront Bird. Setencich has this on Whitlock:

"Whitlock's one of the best freshmen defensive tackles I've seen."

That's pretty high praise for this freshman and I am trying to find reasons that I shouldn't be as excited as I am about a bunch of these kids.

I think it would be safe to extend the recruiting theories and thoughts to defensive back as well. Certain defensive backs can be natural fits at linebacker because they typically have better speed than your average linebacker and if they are able to put on weight. Two notable examples are Blake Collier and Bront Bird. With Collier, it took a year to move him to weakside linebacker, and Bird, the move was immediate.

Williams also notes that Setencich has praise for some of the veteran defensive backs.

Disco Tech! has updates on former Red Raiders, now in the NFL.

Texas Tech Baseball:

DMN's Brandon George reports that Red Raider outfielder Chris Richburg was named the Texas Collegiate League's 2007 Player of the Year. Once again, Coach Hays and Coach Spencer have to be pleased that both Roger Kieschnick and now Richburg have has such successful offseasons.

As a quick aside, the TCL has some pretty interesting logos that might be worth a look if you're into that sort of thing.

The Texas Tech Board of Regents approved the installation of FieldTurf at Dan Law Field, which is great news considering the former look that we're all so familiar.

Texas Tech Basketball:

LAJ's Jeff Walker notes that United Spirit Area will be receiving an electronic ribbon around the inside of the arena. I guess this is good . . . more advertising means more money for Texas Tech University which means a greater chance of a better program.