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Very Groggy Texas Tech Red Raider Notes for 08-11-07

DTN News:

DTN is officially very tired. Ten hours of sleep for two nights in a row makes for a very unproductive Seth C and makes me realize that I'm not as young as I think I am. I'll look to recover tomorrow morning with some actual content and not just news.

Texas Tech Football:

LAJ's Don Williams writes about freshman quarterback Stefan Loucks this morning. I've watched Louck's YouTube video and, as did Coach Leach, come away impressed with his ability to get the ball to the open receiver, whether it be over the middle or dropping a pass in between two defenders. Here's Coach Leach on his freshman quarterback:

"The thing about him, he was incredibly accurate and had the opportunity to throw it a lot all through high school," Leach said. "The other thing that he has, probably better than anybody on our squad, is an understanding of how to put touch and air under the ball. All our quarterbacks, I feel like, are accurate. He's better at putting air under the ball than any of them - right now - and he developed those skills in high school."

Loucks, more than any other quarterback, may have had more time with this spread offense than any Texas Tech quarterback and it will be interesting to see his development.

DMN's Brandon George has a wonderful article on junior quarterback Graham Harrell. I don't have the time right now to get into all of it, maybe later today, but this opening quote stood out for me:

"Last year, we kind of had a lot of guys who thought they were leaders," said Harrell, a former Ennis standout. "Some of them didn't lead in the right way, and coach has had a lot of talks with me about that. Sometimes last year I would get more frustrated than I should. You have to work hard and never get down on any player or the team. Leading is more action than words."

Don's Red Raider Football Notebook notes that Adrian Reese is having a tough time catching anything right now. The best part about Williams asking Coach Leach about Reese's struggles was this quote:

"He needs to have a clear mind and be even keel. Somewhere, relaxation and effort have to meet in the middle, and I don't think they are right now. I think it's a combination of trying too hard on half the plays and relaxing too hard on the other half."

How very zen of Coach Leach. What an interesting way to describe how a player can't catch a football and having an understanding of what a player might be going through.

Williams also writes that there's quite a weight difference between freshmen running backs Jared Flannel and Aaron Crawford. Crawford weighs in at 200 plus while Crawford is at 171. Just thinking out loud, I wonder if Leach is going to also recruit smaller and/or skinnier running backs in the hopes of turning them into standout wide receivers? Flannel fits the same mold of Ed Britton in that there's maybe too much depth at running back, but there's certainly a place for a kid who can run 4.5 40 yard dash.