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What Exactly Is ESPN's "Who's Now"?

I'm sure that I'm not the first person who question this, but what exactly is the "Who's Now" feature at ESPN and why would anyone care? I really don't get what I'm voting on here, I'm supposed to vote for the most "now" sports figure? What does that prove or show or how is that relevant to sports? Am I being to thick-headed about this and should I be more of a simpleton? Should I be arguing with people as to whether or not Shaun White is more or less "now" than Dwyane Wade? (It's so Shaun White, he's so rad!!) I'm so confused.

I think I get ESPN's concept, but I don't understand the purpose, however, I'm sure that someone much smarter than me knows that this will be a huge hit.

Update [2007-7-10 6:39:55 by Seth C]: Minnesota blog, Paging Jim Shikenjanski, also has some thoughts on ESPN's awesomeness along with some other links.