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Who Is Seth C?

My readership has increased quite a bit over the last few months and with football season approaching I thought I would take the time and let you know who I am and why I'm blogging about Texas Tech so damn much.

First, I'm a thirty-something attorney in a small town outside of Dallas. I've got a beautiful and wonderful wife, no kids and 3 dogs. I grew up in an Aggie household because my Dad and 4 of his 5 brothers were also Aggies (both my sisters are Aggies and my little brother is a Longhorn). Long story short, I graduated from Texas Tech in December of 1996 with a B.A. in English and decided that I wasn't done with school, graduated from law school and here I am.

So how did I get this gig? Well, last year, about this time, I was starving for some information about Texas Tech, but found little. I then found Burnt Orange Nation and thought for sure that someone was already writing a Texas Tech equivalent. The closest blog I could find was on (it's no longer there so don't bother looking for it), but hadn't been updated for months on end. After a little more digging I kept finding all of these great well-written blogs about all of these college teams, but none about Texas Tech.

At this point my wife started bugging me about not having any hobbies and she wanted me to do something a little more productive with my life rather than just watch television. I couldn't help but think that Texas Tech needed some sort of representation, realizing of course that I may not be the best writer or the most insightful, but at the very least I thought that I could be consistent. I started a Blogspot blog called Raider Red Nation and I don't think that anyone read it, but it was my new hobby. As I look back on Raider Red Nation now, I'm a little embarrassed at the overall lack of content, but at the time I really didn't care, I was really new to this whole blogging thing and was still trying to figure out where I wanted to go with the blog.

Lone Star Ball, Mavs Moneyball and Blogging the Boys were all daily reads for me and the two things they had in common was that they were all with SB Nation and the writers were fans, first and foremost. It wasn't long before I thought that this is where I needed to be, but more importantly, I thought that my university, Texas Tech University, needed to be represented here as well.

I asked to be a part of the SB Nation network and before I knew it Double T Nation was a part of SB Nation and was incredibly pleased that Texas Tech now had a voice with so many other great SB Nation collegiate blogs. My job as a blogger was still the same, be consistent, thus, you will find me awake at 5:00 a.m. scouring the online newspapers for any and all Texas Tech news. There's no blogging at work which is why you'll almost never see me blog during the day. I'm getting off track here.

I will fully admit that I'm still learning on the job. I don't know every detail of every story, know about each and every recruit, or every conceivable detail of Captain Mike's offense, but I will be here every day. Don't get me wrong, I spend almost 2 hours every evening in front of the computer writing about Texas Tech and looking for Texas Tech news and I'm constantly writing, so some of that information is bound to sink into my thick headed skull, but feel that trying to relay information to Texas Tech Red Raiders is my best attribute.

Perhaps the most important thing is that this blog is for every Texas Tech fan. Each of you have the opportunity to write about almost any topic in the diary section on the right hand portion of this page and comment in the any story, but you'll need to create an account (it's free) and help make this blog a community.

If anyone feels compelled to check in below, feel free to do so. If you every have any questions, comments or complaints, please feel free to email me (always located at the top of the page in the upper right part of the margin). Thanks for your time and . . .