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Very Groggy Thursday Morning Notes

There's very little news out there and I woke up 30 minutes late so I'm running a little behind.

As far as my July 4th festivities are concerned I only have one thing to report. It could be disputed that I am the 2nd or 3rd best washer player in Kaufman County, and I lost twice last night, it wasn't pretty. Need to work on my summer form. I realize that it's awfully boastful to say that I'm such a good washer player, but when I was born, the good, clean Lord gave me two talents: the ability to type very fast (in junior high 112 words per minute which allowed me to skip typing in high school) and the ability to put a washer in a hole. I don't know if that makes me a sad individual, but that's what I got.

DMN's Ross Taylor (he might be the new Texas Tech beat writer) has an article on the three incoming freshman playing in the Global Games. I really like this quote from John Roberson:

"We all have championship rings, and we all know what it takes to win games," Roberson said. "We're playing for the best coach in the college game today, arguably in history, and if we listen to what the coaches tell us, we'll step in and win."

I've said it before and I'll say it again, Johnn Roberson is going to be a star, not because of that quote, but because he's going to be a helluva basketball player. I detailed some of the information you might need about the Global Games earlier this week. I still plan on being there on Friday night.