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Texas Tech Red Raider Notes for 07-31-07

Texas Tech Football:

LAJ's Don Williams has Texas Tech's fall practice schedule. First practice begins Monday at 6:30 p.m. Don reports that the first 15 practices are open to the public and practices are closed after August 18th.

I'm not big on crusades, but I'm thinking of starting one here. I'm sure that it's a fairly complicated to negotiate a non-conference game with a worthy opponent, but something needs to change. It's just that I could help but think that I completely wasted 30 minutes of my life looking for and writing the Northwestern State preview. Just think how the players feel, the game is just a waste of time.

Gerald Myer has done an outstanding job in his most recent coaching hires, but this is one spot that this program needs improvement. In fact, I'll try to make the process a little more simple. click here and look for schools with open dates with the same open dates that Texas Tech has. Call those school's AD, shoot the breeze a little, ask how the wife and kids are, and then ask if it would be cool if we could schedule a game or two.

I'd even be willing to set up some sort of uber-spreadsheet to make finding potential matches easier.

Hat-tip to the DMN's College Sports Blog Todd Davis that the Texas High School Coaches Association All-Star Football Game will be played tonight and includes the following incoming freshman for Texas Tech:

Detron Lewis (WR), Lonnie Edwards (OL), Tyrone Sonier (DE)

I'd really love to go see those 3 play. If anyone goes, please email me if you'd like to give a report.

Texas Tech Basketball:

My bad. It wasn't John Roberson who played in last night's Texas High School Coaches Association All-Star Game, it was Mike Singletary. Chalk that up to being up at five and being in a hurry. Bygones.

DMN's Keith Whitmore and the Chron's Sam Khan, Jr. report that Singletary not only played, he was the South MVP and finished with 19 points and 11 rebounds. Khan details that Singletary was 8-10 from the field and had this from Singletary:

"It's great to go out with a bang like that and get the MVP award," Singletary said.