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Texas Tech Red Raider Notes for 07-30-07

Texas Tech Football:

SMQ thrown down the gauntlet with his Big 12 Week: Binding Picks, South Division. I won't spoil anything, but the predicted order of finish may intrigue you. I'm not sure that I agree this statement from SMQ, "The defense is even less experienced here than it is at OSU and probably will struggle at least as much." Of course, there's little to base this on, even if arguing in either direction. Good stuff this morning.

Don interviews my former high school football coach, former world geography teacher (I think), and father to new recruit, Terry McDaniel, Russell McDaniel. As big as Terry is (6'6", 315), if my memory serves me correctly, his old man was even bigger. I had no idea that Russell played for Monterey, back in the day. Russell believes that once he dedicates himself to one sport, the sky is the limit:

"Once he gets to college and does one sport and is really in the weight room full time and specifically training for football, I think the sky's the limit," Russell McDaniel said.

I've run across a couple of new blogs, Classless Clowns, "A blog dedicated to the students and alumni (and actions of said students/alumni) of Texas Technical College" and Every True Son, "A blog for God's least favorite athletic department" that being the Missouri Tigers.

Texas Tech Basketball:

Hat-tip to DMN's Todd Davis who mentions in the DMN College Blog that John Roberson will be playing in the Texas High School Coaches Association All-Star Basketball Game tonight at TCU's Daniel-Meyer Coliseum. For those of you in the Ft. Worth area, you should go check this game out.

Texas Tech Baseball:

Roger Kieschnick had the hit which drove in the eventual game winner yesterday against the Netherlands in the first game of a double-header. It seems that Roger just isn't hitting, but he's getting hits in key situations. This is such great news for the baseball program.