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Slight language warning and Farley in his drawers.

I had a few site updates that I wanted to explain. First, I shortened some of the nameless advertising. Although I was the one that placed it there, it was annoying. Second, I added my Big 12 blog feeds. No Texas Tech news, but rest assured that there's only a few webistes I visit for Texas Tech news: Red Raiders, Disco Tech!, and Williams and Hyatt Blog. The rest is just trolling the internet and Google News. Nothing revolutinary, but I thought it was more relevant since the SportSpyder feed was rarely accurate.

Late Saturday night I put up a new poll, the community projections of Rajon Henley. This will be the last of the community projections as we need to start focusing on the season. I'm open for suggestions, but my thought is that we could start focusing on much larger issues. Example: Is Texas Tech going to kick A&M's ass by 14 or 24 points?

The wife was out of town Saturday night and I thought that I was going to have plenty of time to update the recruiting board. Not so much. Although I did finish some additional previews and indispensible players, I did drink quite a bit which seemed to decrease my productivity level. The recruiting board is my next assignment and I was thinking that I could make the link to each commitment's name a Google News search. I've thought that I could update stats during the season, but the problem is overselling and under-producing. Realistically I know that I'll be short on time once the season starts. Let me know if this is even a remotely decent idea.