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Texas Tech Red Raider Notes for 07-26-07

Texas Tech Football:

There's not much Texas Tech news out there this morning after yesterday's flurry of activity.

Single game tickets go on sale on Monday. I'm still trying to plan out which games I want to attend. The ticket office is offering a mini-pack of tickets combining an A&M ticket with a UTEP or Northwestern State, doesn't sound too unreasonable.

While looking for college football stats last night I ran across, which is a great resource for lots of statistics, including splits: road v. home v. neutral, grass v. turf, conference v. non-conference, etc. Lots of good time wasting.

Big 12 Football:

DTN participated in a Bloggers' Preseason Big 12 Predictions, the results of which were posted over at BON. I'll post my votes tonight or tomorrow.

Yesterday was media day for Texas, Colorado, Oklahoma State and Kansas State. Check out SAEN, the FWST for Notes, Previews, and LAJ's Don Williams has a story on McCoy (sans shirtless picture) and a Notebook.