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Texas Tech Red Raider Notes for 07-25-07

Texas Tech Football:

LAJ's Don Williams has an article detailing yesterday's press conferences and includes some quotes from Aggie DT, Red Bryant as well as this note from Coach Leach on how his offense is able to achieve success:

"If you're a good offense for a period of time, it's not just based on having a handful of dominant players for one year or something like that," Leach said. "If you're a good offense, the execution's the biggest part of it - how polished, how sharp you execute. I think it's true of us, and it's certainly true of any great offenses."

This thought is echoed in the practices schedule posted last week for the Air Raid Offense. Once again, do your job.

Don also has a Big 12 Media Notebook, which includes a couple of notes, that Shannon Woods' demotion will play out when fall practices begin and that two players who will grayshirt this year:

Texas Tech freshmen Jacob Amie, a wide receiver from Tyler Lee, and Omar Castillo, an offensive lineman from Roswell (N.M.) Goddard, will grayshirt this fall, according to Tech assistant athletic director/chief of staff Dennis Simmons.

The two still need to establish their academic eligibility and will join the team in January if they are successful.

Simmons said Tech's other freshmen signees have met eligibility requirements.

DMN's Brandon George has an article on yesterday's press conference and notes that the success of the team depends on the defense. Yes, Tech did give up 335 yards per game last year, but keep in mind OSU gave up 364.1 yards a game, they lost their front seven and some are picking OSU to win the Big 12 South. Huh.

Perhaps the best part of the DMN's coverage is a video compilation of Leach, Amendola and Garcia from the press conferences. Stick with the video for the last 30 seconds for Leach's vision on how football should be run. It involves 160 players, a fall squad, a winter squad, and football year-round.

SAEN's Tim Griffin checks in with his write-up on Texas Tech.

The Statesman has a team overview of Texas Tech and notes from yesterday. I'll warn you now, clicking on the first Statesman link will lead you to the preview, but it will also lead you to a shirtless Colt McCoy. I know it's petty, but I'd like to advise you not to click the overview, it's a principal thing.

Big 12 Football:

Seriously, the Chron's Joe Duarte is firing off blog posts like there's no tomorrow with an incredible 14 posts yesterday from Joe. Tomorrow is the Longhorns' designated day so there's no telling how many posts he'll fire off by the end of the day. I'm calling the over/under at 20.

The Chron's Terrance Harris did file a video report, but that was his only blog work of the day.

DMN's DMN's College Sports Blog rebounded quite nicely today with 7 posts. Excellent work.

I'm a little disappointed in CT's Dave Matters for only getting one blog post out for the day. I expected and was looking forward to a little more from Dave.

Today's slate is Kansas State, Colorado, Oklahoma State and Texas.