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Texas Tech Red Raider Notes for 07-24-07

Texas Tech Football:

Hat-tip to PB at BON for pointing out an interview of Coach Leach in Texas Monthly. Peter notes a quote from Coach Leach regarding the past and future success of Shannon Woods and further wonders why there was such a disparity of touchdowns between Woods and Woods' predecessor, Taurean Henderson. Woods had 10 rushing TD's and 2 receiving TD's in 2006 while Henderson had 17 rushing TD's and 5 receiving TD's in 2005. Why do you think there was a disparity? Drop a comment and give your theory.

We'll try to dive into the TM Leach interview a little more tonight when I have more time.

This is impressive. Starting right tackle Rylan Reed set a new school record for bench press by pressing 565 pounds. That is awesome. For those of you worried about the offensive line, I think we're going to be okay. Reed is a former baseball player and would guess that he's a decent athlete and will have no issues with being in space and keeping Harrell upright.

Big 12 Football:

Some bloggers were busy and others were not. For those of you keeping count, the Chron's Joseph Duarte fired off 10 blog posts yesterday, completely lapping the field, while DMN's College Sports Blog only managed 4. Perhaps the best entry of the day should probably go to Columbia Tribune's Dave Matters where he discusses Mark Mangino's weight (not a joke, Dave's really worried about the football coach) and has some praise for Kansas cornerback, Aqib Talib. I'm expecting much more from Dave tomorrow.

Today is Texas Tech's day, along with Missouri, Texas A&M and Iowa State. Let's set a goal of 5 blog posts each. Duarte is exempt today, but I have a feeling he'll better yesterday's totals.

The SEN has articles on all 4 teams interviewed yesterday:

A lot of the talk yesterday centered around the starting quarterback situation for OU. DMN's Chip Brown notes that Stoops is confident that he'll find a quarterback and that OU won 4 conference championships with 4 different quarterbacks. FWST's Mike Jones notes that the Sooners are optimistic about the upcoming season.

DMN's Brian Davis notes that Baylor has options at quarterback, but if you're reading BearMeat, there's only one option to be considered, John David Weed