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Big 12 Media Picks Texas Tech 5th South

I'll be out for most of the weekend, unless I get bored or if some sort of news breaks. You can look forward to the 2nd round of the Texas Tech Red Raiders Roundtable with the guys at Disco Tech! on Monday or late Sunday evening. For the rest of the day, remember fondly the season that was 1995.

Texas Tech Football:

The Big 12 media has predicted Texas Tech to finish 5 in the Big 12 South. Texas Tech's predicted finish isn't really a surprise considering everything we've read this spring.

Of course Don's article linked above has reaction from Coach Leach:

"Am I going to share it with the team? No," he said. "Does it tick me off? Not really. Do I think some of (the pollsters) are dumb? I already did anyway. If they picked us first, I'd still think that. It doesn't impact enough for me to really deal with it."

That's just awesome and I won't ruin by trying to explain how awesome that is.

Don also notes that Leach was vacationing in Mexico when told of the Big 12 media results and Don noted the following:

Leach was told of the voting results while he vacationed with his family in Cancun, Mexico. He said he's spent this week swimming every day, among other pursuits.

Okay, I can just imagine Don giving Mike a call and Don telling Mike about the results, Mike gives the first quote and then Don asks Mike what all that noise is in the background, Mike tells him that it's the ocean, Don, a little surprised says, "Oh." and asks what he's doing there and Mike says, "Well, I've been swimming, almost everyday, and, you know, other stuff."

I say this with all sincerity, I love Coach Leach.

Back to the point of this post, here are the results.

  • North
    1. Missouri (16) 136
    2. Nebraska (8) 128
    3. Kansas State 88
    4. Kansas 63
    5. Colorado 58
    6. Iowa State 31
  • South
    1. Texas (16) 135
    2. Oklahoma (7) 126
    3. Texas A&M (1) 82
    4. Oklahoma State 81
    5. Texas Tech 56
    6. Baylor 24