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Texas Tech Red Raider Notes for 07-18-07

Texas Tech Football:

As I was searching for more articles on Coach Leach and the spread offense I ran across this article from ESPN Analyst Bob Davie, Spring Football 101 - Leach and Tech Flying High. The article is a little over 3 years old, but some of the points that Davie makes are interesting. Remember that Chris believes (and I distinctly recall that Davie dominated against Houston) that Davie was an innovator for defending the run and shoot so he probably knows a thing or two about spread offenses. The article itself is a little generic, but Davie's bullet points are interesting and he speaks from experience from coaching against this type of team and being able to watch Leach's teams practice as an analyst. I've paraphrased Davie's reasons for Texas Tech success:

  • Commitment to the pass: there is no fear of failure.
  • Attention to detail and fundamentals: everything from releases, blocking routes and coverages.
  • Scheme: simplicity and execution.
  • Quarterback audibles: the quarterback has free reign to change a play.
  • Screen passes: Davie thinks that Texas Tech practices this more than almost every team.
  • Big offensive line splits: bigger splits mean bigger running and passing lanes as well as lengthening the distance a defensive end has to get to the quarterback.
  • Distribution: spread the love to as many receivers as possible.

Go read the whole thing, it's worth your time.

Hat-tip to Corn Nation for pointing out that the 2006 Texas Tech v. UTEP game will be on CSTV on July 22nd at 2:30.

Texas Tech Basketball:

As I read the boxscore from the Mavericks summer league game the night before last I noticed that two former Red Raiders are playing on the Atlanta Hawks Rocky Mountain Review summer league team: Jarius Jackson and Andy Ellis. They're not seeing a ton of playing time, but hopefully this will parlay itself into a job, whether it be here or overseas.

Starting forward Kalen Grimes has been dismissed from the Missouri Tigers basketball squad. That's 2 Big 12 dismissals in 2 days, I don't think I can handle this pace.

Texas Tech Baseball:

If you haven't been keeping up with Texas Tech outfielder, Roger Kieschnick, in the Pan Am Games then The College Baseball Blog is a good place to start.

General Sports:

I don't think I do a decent enough job promoting some of the fine blogs here at SB Nation, but I thought I'd pass along two quality blogs. First up is Podium Cafe, a cycling blog, and of course the main focus has been Le' Tour (although I should also tell you to check out DTN favorite, Disco Tech! as contributor Claude Henry Smoot had an excellent recap).

Next up is Waggle Room, an excellent golfing blog. Without a doubt they'll keep you up to date on all British Open news.