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How about that, absolutely no Texas Tech news so we'll go around the Big 12 . . .

Big XII:

BON is doing it again, Peter is the editor of their own preview magazine The Eyes of Texas. Congrats, Peter. Side Note: I am extremely jealous and hopefully, some day, perhaps we (yes I'm talking to you) can get some Texas Tech fans to do something similar.

OSU wide receive Artrell Woods looks like he's going to recover, but he won't play this year. That's good from a human being standpoint, and we certainly wish him well.

Marcus Dove, a 6'9" senior guard from OSU has been suspended indefinitely for driving under the influence this past weekend. I don't think that I really need to point out the irony that head coach, Sean Sutton, said that the school would not tolerate this type of behavior, a stance by the way, which I applaud, but that didn't include Eddie Sutton. Coach Sean Sutton:

Head coach Sean Sutton said in a statement that "we are not going to tolerate this type of behavior."

"I'm extremely embarrassed and disappointed," Sutton said. "We've made every attempt to handle certain situations internally, but obviously the message is not getting through to some of our players."