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Texas Tech Red Raider Notes for 07-11-07

Big 12 Blogosphere:

I always love it when I stumble on a new blog and discovered K-State Sports and Beyond, a Kansas State blog. They're a mix of Disco Tech! (and go wish Bond a happy birthday) and DTN.

Texas Tech Football:

I responded to the question of whether or not Mike Leach should be fired and then I ran across a website that ranks coaches on the hot seat, the website is appropriately named, Coaches Hot Seat. Leach is ranked 55 which seems about right.

This is genius, Post Like a Pirate, a pirate translator. Just type in the text and the internets will translate your words into pirate-speak. Ahoy, matey!

DMN blogger Todd Davis wants your opinion as to who Texas Tech fans enjoy beating more, UT or A&M .

Also, hat-tip to Todd Davis who found an article on former Red Raider Montae Reagor and his recovery from a vehicle accident from last October.