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Texas Tech Players and Signees in MLB Draft

LAJ's George Watson details the Texas Tech players who were drafted as well as fall signees. Here's a quick rundown of the player and where he was drafted:

  • Current Red Raiders
    • No. 450, 14th Round by Oakland: Matt Smith, C
    • No. 524, 17th Round by Cleveland: Miles Morgan, RHP
    • No. 876, 29th Round by Kansas City: Kyle Martin, SS
    • No. 956, 31st Round by San Diego: Colt Hynes, LHP
    • No. 1,196, 40th Round by Baltimore: Aaron Odom, LHP
  • 2008 Fall Signees
    • No. 201, 6th Round by Houston: David Dinelli (Sierra JC), RHP
    • No. 261, 8th Round by Houston: Chad Bettis (Monterey), RHP
    • No. 354, 11th Round by Boston: Thomas Pressly (FM Marcus), RHP
    • No. 1,104, 36th Round by Detroit: Tanner Rindels (Seward CC), OF

George has some quotes from the players themselves and as it is with most things in life, it depends on the money being offered. George has done a great job covering the draft and the relevance to Tech.