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Wednesday Morning Notes

If anyone in the DFW area has a tugboat I can borrow so I pull my house back on its foundation I'd appreciate it.

Texas Tech Football

Graham Harrell named to the preseason watch list for the Maxwell Award, announced by Maxwell Football Club yesterday and think this is well deserved by Graham.

I know of few things that get me riled up more when Graham isn't mentioned among some of the top quarterbacks in the nation and I think Graham gets overlooked in the conference as an excellent quarterback because of the number and quality quarterbacks in the conference (McCoy, McGee, Daniels, etc.). However, I can't help but feel somewhat slighted when he isn't considered by the mainstream media as one of the best quarterbacks in the conference. That's not to say that those other quarterbacks mentioned are worthy players, but I still can't help but think that Harrell had an outstanding season last year despite a couple of bad games. In fact I was talking to one of my UT-friends the week before last and casually asked him how many interceptions he thought Harrell had last year. His guess was, at the very least, 20 because of the number of attempts and quickly reminded my friend that Harrell only had 11 interceptions all of last year. And that's with 150 more attempts than Daniels and 300 more attempts than McCoy and McGee. That's just staggering. I know, I know, the pundits will say it's the system, but despite the system 38 touchdowns with only 11 interceptions is impressive, no matter how you cut it.'s Steve Megargee takes a look at some of the "new rivals" on the collegiate gridiron, or rather teams where new rivals have emerged. As we've been saying here at DTN (I use the "we" in the collective sense) that Texas Tech and Texas A&M makes the cut:

3. Texas A&M vs. Texas Tech

This Big 12 South matchup is one of the more intense - though overlooked - rivalries. Everyone knows the Aggies hate Texas, but their disdain for Texas Tech is just as intense. In some ways, it might be even more bitter. A&M seems to have a grudging respect for the Longhorns, but just resentment for Tech. A couple of years ago, a paragraph in the A&M media guide (uncorrected version) referred to the Red Raiders as "classless clowns." The Red Raiders have equal contempt for the Aggies. After a 12-0 victory in 2001 in Lubbock - a game in which the Red Raiders were favored - Tech fans tore down the goal posts and shoved them into the A&M cheering section. Coach Mike Leach has even referred to Texas A&M "playing army," which was an obvious taunt at A&M's Corps of Cadets. Overall, A&M leads the all-time series 34-30-1, but the Red Raiders have an 8-3 advantage in Big 12 play. The Red Raiders have also won the last six meetings played in Lubbock.

I couldn't have said it any better myself. I know the Aggies loathe the idea that Tech seems to have their number, but just mix in a win (By the way, we're not the only ones who think this - you have to read the whole post, but scroll to the bottom for the gold).

SB Nation friend, Corn Nation has a book review up that might picque the interest of some of DTN's readers or just high school football fans in general. I'll let Mr. Corn explain:

'Pigskin Pulpit' is a historical look at Texas high school football coaches from the origin of the sport in the 1890's to modern day. It tells the story of Texas high school football by relating the the coaches and their methods within the context of their time. Author Ty Cashion interviewed over eighty coaches for the book - some of which have passed on since it's original hardcover publication in 1998.

That sounds like a heck of a book.

Please welcome new SB Nation blog Clone Chronicles covering the Iowa State Cyclones. CC is the former, CrossCyed and is an excellent blog. Welcome to the network.

Texas Tech Baseball

The Williams and Hyatt Show Blog kindly linked to DTN last week and they've got some Texas Tech baseball coaching news:


Oregon St. fans aren't too thrilled with the prospect that pitching coach Dan Spencer might be on the move to Texas Tech. Can you blame them? Look what the man's done there in Corvallis the past few years from a talent identification and development standpoint. I feel for the fan of the Beaver. You'd think they could at least have 24 hours to enjoy their back-to-back feat without worrying about losing a key component to their program. That said, that's what happens when you have success. Folks want to duplicate it and copy it and it's the ultimate compliment to a program to have other schools come after your guy.

If in fact Texas Tech is able to land Spencer, it'll be full-circle for him, having been given a "vacation" at one point in his Tech career by Larry Hays, now getting a chance to work with him. By all accounts, Spencer is much more like Hays now, than he was about 20-years ago, proving that discipline and a Coach's willingness to use it can pay dividends not just in the present for a program, but in the distant future for its players.

As for the other assistant position coach's spot, that could be filled as early as this week as well for the Red Raiders. Both new coaches will have to discard a lot of orange if things work out the way Larry Hays is hoping. At the end of the day, Tech will have a completely new staff, with all new assigned duties other than Larry. Tech fans that wanted a big shake-up are getting it.

Certainly interesting news on the coaching front. Stay tuned for more details.