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The Return of Tuesday Morning Notes

The news is sparse this morning, so bear with me.

Texas Tech Basketball

Coach Knight has been nominated for a made up awards show, The ESPY's, for Best Record-Breaking Performance for passing Dean Smith for all-time victories. My first reaction is to just ignore this because it's the WWL, however, what's wrong with sending Red Raiders to ESPN to go vote? Nothing, so go vote for Coach Knight and make him show up to accept an made up award and make what would be an amazing acceptance speach.

Texas Tech Football

SEN's Tim Griffin's Big 12 Insider, as we mentioned last night mainly focuses on Weiberg, but there's also a ton of Texas Tech notes, my favorite is this gem:

Who's hot

* Texas Tech WR Michael Crabtree: He should be poised to become the heir apparent to Joel Filani in 2007 -- to the tune of 80 catches and 1,100 receiving yards if he can stay healthy.

Who's not

* Nebraska WR Maurice Purify: It's not a good idea to have two brushes with the law during a five-week period. Coach Bill Callahan has suspended Purify indefinitely, stripping the Cornhuskers of their top playmaking threat at wide receiver. And it just made the job for either Sam Keller or Joe Ganz at quarterback even more difficult.

I love me some Michael Crabtree and Tim has seen the light.

Make sure and vote for your projected stats for Joe Garcia.

I missed this last night, but in FWST's notes section, there's a mention at the end about House Energy and Commerce Committee Chairman John Dingle expressing some concern about the Big Ten Network and that many of his state's constituents cable systems don't carry the network. There's already trouble brewing over this deal, I wonder again if Weiberg picked the right job.

DMN's Kevin Sherrington will have a chat this morning at 11:00 a.m., go ask him a ton of Texas Tech questions.