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Summer Previews Are On Their Way

It's about that time to start previewing some of the upcoming opponents for our beloved Red Raiders. I started working on some of these previews while waiting on airplanes and sitting in airplanes and thought that I've got a couple of options in assessing Tech's hated opponents. The first option would be for me to try and convince you that I know every team so well that I can rattle off their 2-deep roster and impress you with dazzling numbers and commentary on every player and every position. The second option would be to take a look at each team and pull some of the more interesting statistics for a certain opponent and pick 5 players from the opposing team that we should probably pay some attention (I've already thought of a catchy title, "In No Particular Order, Five Players of Interest From ________". I told you it was catchy.).

I chose the latter. Quality not quantity, right? Besides, I watched all of 1 UTEP game last year and 1 SMU game, and both were against Tech. Other than knowing that Johnny Lee Higgins was a friggin terror and I'd love for Phil Bennett to try and start a fight with Coach Leach again, only to have Mike to tell Phil to have a happy half-time, that we'd all be better served on focusing on some key stats and players. Besides, there's already someone who knows everything about every team and there isn't any way in hell that I can do what he does.

I've already hand-written previews for SMU, UTEP and Baylor, but now I've got to get them in a format presentable for the internets. The wife's away for a couple of nights on some conference and I plan on working overtime while I have some free time.

SMU goes up tomorrow morning.