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Back From Holiday

I'm back and first and foremost, thanks to Red Blooded for helping out while I was away. I owe him a beer or twelve for steering the ship in my absence.

The trip itself was great, lots and lots of rain, but the trip was incredible. The only sporting event that I watched all week was the hurling match between Cork and Waterford. For those that don't know, hurling is a cross between rugby, Australian Rules football and baseball. There's essentially two ways to score, to hit the ball through a soccer style goal and the other way is to his the ball through a set of uprights that are the same width of the goal. I was in Cork at the time, so of course every pub was packed with folks cheering on their team. Waterford won, 5-15 to 3-18. Being completely ignorant of the scoring or how the game was played before my trip I was really into the game after the first 5 minutes of the match. As an aside, I'd love to know why different players had different color helmets (perhaps different positions) and of course the goalie has a striped jersey rather than the solid jersey. Here's the YouTube video of the first half of this game:

We start our regularly scheduled programming next week. I'll probably need a day or two to get back into the grove and catch up on the world in general. Monday I'll post the 1976 Texas Tech Season in Review and we'll get a new Community Projection for senior safety, Joe Garcia.