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Laura Miller still pissed at Jerry Jones

It appears that nothing substantive will get done regarding a Texas Tech/Oklahoma State game at the Cotton Bowl with Miller around, though she's on her way out shortly. Per DMN:

However outgoing Dallas Mayor Laura Miller said she doesn't expect an announcement of any new football games before her term expires on Monday. School officials also indicated that contract talks have made no progress recently.

"Nope, nothing's happened," Texas Tech athletic director Gerald Myers said. "There really haven't been any talks."

That's certainly not what Miller had planned. Last month, Miller said she expected the city and State Fair of Texas would reach a deal with Texas Tech and OSU by Monday - the Dallas City Council's inauguration day.

"Once Jerry Jones got in the middle of it, it got complicated," Miller said, referring to the Cowboys owners' recent overtures to the schools. "It's now for the next mayor to deal with."

She sounds lovely. I still think a deal gets done, as OSU's athletic director remains on board:
Oklahoma State athletic director Mike Holder was attending an NCAA meeting in Indianapolis on Thursday. But in an e-mail message, he said, "Oklahoma State University continues to be very interested in playing a football game in either Dallas or Arlington."
Frankly I couldn't care less whether it was at the Cotton Bowl (a venue that hasn't impressed me) or not. Jerry-World will end up being the best stadium in the nation for some years and I'd be thrilled to catch a Tech/OSU game there. The more we can pit one venue against the other in a bidding war, the better.