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Spencer Reeves edging closer to Tech

Apparently LSU's loss is our gain, per Raider Power:

3 star Skyline prospect Spencer Reeves knows one thing about deciding on a school: he wants to play linebacker. Reeves was favoring LSU until he found out they were planning to move him to safety, but now the Tigers have fallen off his radar. Enter Texas Tech. The Red Raiders have soared up his list and are now likely to receive an official visit from the #15 ranked player in the state of Texas.
Per the article he was so close to committing to LSU that he had actually called the team to tell them as much, but his coach intimated they were going to move him to safety. Other teams Reeves has expressed an interest in are K-State and, interestingly, Minnesota. If the importance of winning bowl games was not explicit enough, let this stand as a recruiting example of why that is the case.

Tech has an advantage over Minnesota and K-State in distance, whereas K-State's 3-4 defense drew his interest. I think we're in great shape, and hope we can recruit this kid, especially given this:

He reports a 3.7 core GPA...
All things equal, I'll take a smart, hard working kid any day.