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Saturday Morning Football Notes

New Poll

Here's my thought . . . my grand idea of having community projections largely failed as a result of my laziness or forgetfulness to post them. Anyway, every Wednesday or Thursday I'll throw out a player and some projected stats, vote for the entirety of the week and let the chips fall where they may. I'll link each poll somewhere on the side bar so we can go back and reference them during the season, and we can all take notice of how close we are on projecting a player.

So, make sure and vote now for how you think Crabtree will perform for the year. Personally, I think he's going to break all single season records in the NCAA in the history of ever, but thought that putting this option would have been just silly.

Texas Tech Football

Thank goodness SEN's Tim Griffin posted his weekly Big 12 Insider. I thought I was going to have to come up with something original this weekend. Lots of good stuff to talk about and most of which is indirectly related to Tech. First up, Tim has a lengthy discussion about the affect that title sponsor Valero will have on the Alamo Bowl, the insider is worth your time for that alone. My favorite part this weeks Insider is where Tim ranks the Big 12 teams in the first 11 years of Big 12 conference play:

1. Texas (105-33 overall, 68-20 in conference games) - Only one losing season in Big 12 history.

2. Oklahoma (98-41 overall, 62-26 in conference games) - Conference-best four titles - all claimed by Bob Stoops.

3. Nebraska (106-36 overall, 62-26 in conference games) - Have had more head football coaches - four (Tom Osborne, Frank Solich, one-game interim coach Bo Pelini and Bill Callahan) - than any Big 12 school in conference's history.

4. Kansas State (98-41 overall, 57-31 in conference games) - Orchestrated biggest upset in conference history with 2003 conference title.

5. Colorado (74-61 overall, 50-38 in conference games) - Claimed four North Division titles in five seasons from 2001-05, including 2001 championship.

6. Texas Tech (82-54 overall, 50-38 in conference games - Never had a losing season record since Big 12 formed.

7. Texas A&M (78-55 overall, 49-39 in conference games) - Aggies have won only one bowl game during Big 12 era

8. Missouri (64-68 overall, 36-52 in conference games) - Still looking for a share of its first conference championship since 1969.

9. Oklahoma State (65-64 overall, 34-54 in conference games) - Finished as a ranked team only once since Big 12 was formed.

10. Iowa State (53-77 overall, 26-62 in conference games) - Gene Chizik becomes only the Cyclones' second head coach in Big 12 era.

11. Kansas (50-77 overall, 23-65 in conference games) - Finished with one winning record in Big 12 era - a 7-5 mark in 2005.

12. Baylor (32-92 overall, 11-77 in conference games) - Bears notched three of their 11 conference victories last season.

I really wanted to argue with Tim's assessment of Tech, but then thought that it looks like he got it right. Despite the fact that Colorado has fallen on hard times, they were an excellent program early in the Big 12 and division titles should count for something.

I'll say it again, it's great that someone recognizes that Tech hasn't had a losing season in the Big 12, a true testament to Coach Leach.

College Football News previews our beloved Red Raiders. Of course they've got more than a few things to read this weekend:

LAJ's Don Williams has an article on the newest Texas Tech commit, Cody Davis. Davis has some pretty incredible defensive stats (21 interceptions in 2 years) and has some return ability, which is intriguing. I think guys who are a little bit bigger (i.e. not Eric Morris) have a better advantage returning punts or kickoffs. I know, Wes Welker wasn't very big, but you have to remember, Welker wasn't human, we make exceptions for players who aren't human. The other thing I love about Davis is that he's already smarter than me (or is it "I"?) scoring a 1,310 on his SAT. Um, let's just say that I don't even come close to those numbers. Here's Davis's head coach at Stephenville, Chad Morris:

"He has great closing speed and definitely makes a lot of plays on the ball," Stephenville coach Chad Morris said.

Davis played cornerback as a sophomore when Stephenville went 13-1 and lost to Dallas Highland Park in a state semifinal. In that game, he had two interceptions off Scots quarterback Matthew Stafford, who is now the starter at Georgia. Davis played safety as a junior, helping the Yellowjackets go 10-2. He's likely to play safety in college.

"As a junior, Cody ran a kickoff back (for a touchdown), ran a punt back, picked up a fumble, ran an interception back. Every way you can score a touchdown, he did it," Morris said. "He's a phenomenal athlete."

The guys over at Disco Tech have officially gone on the record with their predictions for the 2007 Texas Tech football season. I'm still carefully weighing my options.