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Our schedule does not impress Kermit the Blog

Hat tip Football Outsiders on this Kermit the Blog two week long countdown of the 10 easiest schedules in College Football, with Tech rating in at #5. And he's especially pissed off about it, by the sound of it:

Let me ask the people of Lubbock a serious question: Do you really want to relive 2005?...

So why is this year so much like 2005?

Northwestern State, Rice, SMU, and Texas El-Paso.

Again, this year the Big 12 North schools would struggle in the MAC. And Tech has a particularly easy draw of North teams with Missouri, Colorado, and Iowa State. In fact the way South foe Texas A&M has struggled in Lubbock lately, 2007 could look just like 2005 only better... or worse, depending on your the color of your diploma.

Texas Tech could very well be 10-0 and highly ranked when they roll into Austin this time, as the Horns are now the penultimate game on the schedule (Oklahoma is the last game and the Sooners are probably still upset about that bogus homer call in Lubbock two years ago that robbed them of a win).

[We legitimately beat Oklahoma and I don't care what anyone says.] Why that sounds bloody brilliant, if you told me we would be 10-0 heading into Austin for the UT game this year I'd be thrilled. Texas Tech has an annual tradition of blowing at least one game to someone we shouldn't. To wit: Colorado in 2006, (I guess) Ok. State in 2005, New Mexico in 2004, NC State in 2003, and Iowa State in 2002.

Here's why he thinks 2005 was such a disater (note: I think we were 4 points away from having an outstanding season):

While beating the Huskers in Lincoln is not something opponents get to do too often, Tech beat a Nebraska team still lingering near the program's nadir of roughly the last 50 years. Kansas beat Nebraska in 2005.

So Tech rolls into its contest against the #2-ranked University of Texas that year thinking it's legit. The Red Raiders were undefeated, ranked #8 and #10 in the two major polls, and talking BCS bowl even though it was the middle of October.

Even Game Day fell for it and showed up in Austin. Tech was undefeated. Texas was undefeated. Both were ranked in the Top 10. We got ourselves a football game.

Uh... Nobody bothered to look at Tech's schedule. The only people who didn't buy into the hype were the people that do this for a living: Vegas, baby. Vegas had the Horns as 17 point favorites. Even they missed the mark. You could have spotted the Raiders twice that and still broke the bank.

Vince Young shook off a couple of early interceptions and a game that was still a game at the end of the first quarter was over by halftime. The Longhorn crowd serenaded the Raider players and fans with chants of "over-rated" early and often in the second half.

Final score: 52-17

As a reward for scheduling some high school JV squads to complement the conference tilts, Tech made the Cotton Bowl that year. They lost that game to Alabama.

Yea, we got stomped by UT, though they happened to be the best team in the nation that year and our offense still played quite well, racking up more yards against the Longhorns than anyone else but USC. A mere 3 point loss to Alabama doesn't totally negate what was otherwise a great season, including absolute thrashings of K-State and A&M, a road win over Nebraska, and our first defeat of Oklahoma in many moons. We lost to the best team in the nation and it had nothing to do with Florida International, Sam Houston State, or Indiana State. His name is Vince Young, and ours isn't defense.

Am I shamed by our OOC? Yea, I wish we had a better schedule. I think Kermit's right on in some of his criticism here, though I'm inviting arguments to the contrary. Is Texas Tech served just fine by our soft scheduling? Specifically would we be better off:

You'd be much better off swapping out Miami or Tennessee or West Virginia (take the over by the way) for UTEP and getting the upset.
Take it away readers, if there are any of you out there.