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Thursday Morning Notes - Farewell Edition

DTN News

I'll be on vacation for a little over a week as the wife and I are heading over to Ireland for a little rest and relaxation. I have left you in the very capable hands of Texas Tech graduate, DTN contributor and writer for the SB Nation Washington Redskins blog, Hogs Haven, Red Blooded. I could not have left you in more capable hands. I'll try to check in occasionally, but the reality is that I promised the wife that I'd get completely off the grid while I was away. For as much time as I spend in front of my computer constantly working on DTN I owe her that. I'll have more off topic and trip related news after some Texas Tech news.

Also, while I'm away, DTN is likely to hit the 20,000 visitor plateau. Thank you to each and every one of you. DTN is my passion, I love writing about Texas Tech, but I love that we're slowly but surely starting to begin to build a community. Thanks again.

Texas Tech Football

My new favorite blog, Disco Tech, has a nice post about Mike Leach's benevolence where he signed a football to benefit the Andrew Houghton Foundation. There's no reason for me to try to restate what DT has already so eloquently done, go to DT for the whole story.

Make sure and vote for your projected stats for Graham Harrell. I'll leave the poll up the extra week that I'm gone.

The Beaumont Enterprise's Perryn Keys gets the story from Texas A&M's AD, Bill Byrne, who said Monday that he wants to play Tech in the new Cowboys stadium:

"Well, I've made no secret of the fact that I'd like to have our (Texas) Tech game in the new Cowboys stadium in 2009," Byrne said. "We're still working on that."

Byrne added the idea has always made financial sense for A&M. Done properly, he said, the neutral-site game could bring the athletics department some $5 million per year.

"A home game for us, when we play Tech in College Station, is about $3½ million," he said. "When we go on the road, we get zero."

Byrne estimated if the Aggies and Red Raiders moved their game to Arlington, site of the new stadium, A&M would get about 45,000 tickets. If the school sold those tickets at the same prices Texas and Oklahoma sold theirs at their annual game in the Cotton Bowl, A&M would take in about $4.5 million.

A corporate sponsor, he said, "would mean another half-million, at least. Then you'd have 5,000 standing-room (seats) for your students at half-price."

Is there any doubt now that this is going to happen? Byrne wants it, Myers wants it, now it's just about making sure the money works, and from Byrnes math, it sounds like it will. is reporting that defensive tackle Broderick Marshall is the 8th commitment for Texas Tech. Brockerick is a 6-5, 280 defensive tackle who is currently playing at Tyler Junior College (that's just down the road from me). The aforementioned link references that Marshall was currently being recruited by Kansas State and Oklahoma State. Apparently out of high school Marshall was also recruited by Arizona, Minnesota, Oklahoma State, Nebraska and Missery. Broderick originally committed in the 2006 class, but didn't qualify.

The good news is that he's a defensive tackle. I checked Tyler Junior College's website for some stats, but found very little, except this profile of TJC's quarterback who's favorite movie is Varsity Blues, and for the Ali Larter Whip-Cream-bikini-scene (probably not safe for work) and that Dawson Leery is the quarterback, it's one of my top 10 movies.

Broderick had this to say about playing for Tech:

"Out of high school, Tech was the first to discover me and talk to me and they've been honest with their commitment to me. Out of respect for them and my commitment to them, I love Texas Tech and they've been on me since my junior year. Right now there's no comparison with anybody else at all."

TJC's assistant coach Tommy Harvell had this to say about Broderick:

"Obviously most of the time a guy at his size can't run and move very well but he is the total opposite," said Harvell. "He'll run through a brick wall if you tell him to. He's the kind of guy that believes in what you're teaching him."

By process of elimination (i.e. looking for prospects who are from the Fort Worth area), Tech may be receiving their 9th commitment of the year from offensive tackle, Deveric Gallington, per the front page of Deveric was offered by Tech, Kansas State, Oklahoma State, Purdue, and SMU.

Texas Tech Basketball

LAJ's Jeff Walker has an update on Rogdrick Craig, who's been cleared to begin playing. Apparently Craig's biggest hurdle is losing the 15 pounds of extra weight he added while out with what was thought of at the time as heart disease but was later termed as "athletic heart". Walker also notes that Craig wasn't able to use last year as a medical redshirt because he redshirted his freshman year in Pepperdine. Esmir Rizvic, D'Walyn Roberts and Ricardo DeBem are all playing pick-up basketball games and Rizvic was cleared to play back in April.

Texas Tech Basketball

Roger Kieschnick was named to the USA National Team.

Off Topic

I've been meaning to add this video for quite some time. I often check the SiteMeter for DTN as I generally see a number of Google searches for "Prince basketball". Well, as we know, Michael Prince plays for Coach Knight and Texas Tech, but there is another Prince who played basketball. In an episode of the Chappell Show, Charlie Murphy (brother of Eddie) told the story about how he got his ass handed to him by Prince in a pick-up basketball game at Prince's house after clubbing. Well, the intent of this is to satisfy those searches. There is cursing in the video, but it has been bleeped out and if you're conservative, then it's probably not safe for work. It still makes me laugh out loud.

I've decided not to shave for the entirety of my vacation because that's what real men do on their vacation. Of course, I politely asked my wife for permission and obtained her blessing. I might be chronicling my beard and possibly a mustache when I get back.

Itinerary: We're starting out in Cork for a couple of days, Killarney for a few, and then in Dublin to end the trip. I will consume copious amounts of Guiness, I promise. I will also make attempts to make friends by requesting locals to take pictures with me and to get their guns up.