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Oklahoma cheats. Later, the sun decides to rise.

I don't know if this constitutes "News" (see: to nobody) but why not, them Sooners been cheatin':

Football players at Oklahoma were given two nutritional supplements banned by the NCAA before the school's compliance department detected the error and stopped the practice.

According to documents obtained Tuesday through an open records request by The Associated Press, Oklahoma self-reported to the Big 12 Conference that it committed a secondary violation of NCAA bylaws last fall by providing "two nutritional supplements that contained impermissible substances."

Hat tip to BON Diary by sportsfan. This is fairly consistent behavior if one remembers Rhett Bomar, and J.D. Quinn. Let's also not forget that former OU Basketball Coach Kelvin Sampson was a big cheater, illegally contacting recruits personally no fewer than 233 times.

In any event, OU's official response to the event, per the above article, was:

The university reported strength coach Jerry Schmidt and assistant Scott Kolok "are fully aware of and understand NCAA legislation regarding permissible supplements. However, in these two instances, they did not exercise caution and perform a proper review of the (ingredients) due to their assumption that the two supplements were permissible."
Fair enough, and Oklahoma receives due credit for self-reporting the incident. Article also reports on a football recruiting violation, an update on what they've done to upgrade compliance (prompted by an NCAA investigation of the aforementioned Kelvin Sampson violations), and a Volleyball media-guide violation, of all things.