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Tuesday Morning Notes

Texas Tech Football

The SportingNews' Tom Dienhart has another list (we all love lists) of the 57 best college football games of 2007. Texas Tech at Oklahoma on November 17th checks in at # 36. I'll take that, but I think the Tech v. A&M game should be a great game too.

Tonight, I'll join the esteemed Orson from EDSBS and Peter from BON on EDSBS LIVEtalk Big 12 football. I can promise you I will be dim witted and slow to make relevant sports points, but I think it will be a good time.

DTN has moved up to the 2nd spot on Disco Tech's blogroll. Hooray for me, and I have reciprocated the gesture. Go visit DT.

It seems that some of our Big 12 brothers have been very busy recently and may need a defense attorney. BON notes a strange incident with safety Robert Joseph and running back turned defensive end, Henry Melton was arrested for DWI. Joseph now plans to transfer.

Over in the North Division, Corn Nation reports that returning wide receiver Maurice Purify was arrested for suspicion of drunk driving.

Texas Tech Basketball

CSTV's Van Coleman thinks Texas Tech's 2007 recruiting class was the 19th best in the nation. Coleman had this to say about the class:

De Bem gives the Red Raiders immediate help inside while Roberts could become a star in the future. Roberson and Singletary will add depth in the backcourt to help keep Bob Knight's club in the hunt for a high finish in the Big 12.

The problem of course is that the Big 12 competition also got better. Oklahoma State was #8, Nebraska #12, Kansas State #13, Oklahoma #16, and Iowa State and Texas tied for #30

The very well done Kentucky blog, A Sea of Blue, mentions DTN and notes that his Kentucky Wildcats had the toughest non-conference schedule last year. That's quite a departure from Tech's difficult scheduling decision between Northwestern State and Lamar. Decisions, decisions, decisions.

Also make sure and check out what the NCAA did to those reporters who were live-blogging the College World Series games. ASoB has some compelling points, but don't you have to shake your head at the NCAA and mutter, "They just don't get it." The NCAA has a perfect opportunity to increase coverage to baseball games and fan interest. Not to mention, college baseball isn't exactly creating a buzz around the country. I understand the concept that an organization or entity has a duty to protect their copyright, but I don't understand how a live event is copyright protected material.