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Friday Morning Notes

New Poll

I've put up a new poll, the old one had been up there quite a while. I think Michael Crabtree will re-write every record at Tech, but what do you project Crabtree's statistics to be at the end of his first year? Vote now!

Texas Tech Blogs

This is just too much. Disco Tech (Rambling Raiders) start a blog last week (although I do think Double T Nation is worth a damn, but what the hell do I know -- you'll have to scroll down quite a ways to find the reference) and then late Friday night I literally stumbled across Tech Strong. The creator of Tech Strong took all of the photos (you can add your own Tech photos) as well as some sort of program that automatically knows when a new YouTube video is uploaded involving Texas Tech. Good stuff on both Texas Tech websites. Go check it out.

Texas Tech Basketball

Former Texas Tech basketball coach Gene Gibson died on Saturday. Gibson coached the Red Raiders from 1961 to 1969 and had an overall record of 100-92. Coach Gibson was the head coach when Dub Malaise scored 50 points for Texas Tech, which is still a record.

Jay Jackson has a new question and answer session from's Andrew Skwara where Jackson prepares for the NBA Draft. Jackson wasn't invited to the pre-Draft camp, but is showing his wares to various NBA teams around the country:

"I'm heading to Miami, Washington D.C., Golden State, Houston and Portland. My first workout is scheduled for June 10. A lot of the workouts will be devoted to individual stuff, and that is what we have been preparing for in the last few weeks. That gives me some confidence, but I'm a little nervous too just like everyone else."

Texas Tech Basketball

Glenn January, the former Texas Tech lineman has signed with the Toronto Argonauts of the CFL. Congrats to Glenn, my little brother is still looking for a job after graduation.