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Tuesday Morning Notes

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Texas Tech Football:

LAJ's Don Williams reports that Mike Leach has hired former player and offensive line coach at Troy, Matt Moore. Leach has this on Moore:

"He's had a great career at a variety of high schools, one of them being Hoover (Alabama) High, when they ran offenses very similar to ours and borrowed from ours and where they had a lot of success and won a lot of Alabama state championships," Leach said. "He's done well in college, too. It's exciting to have him on board and get going."

Moore only spent 1 year in the college ranks, which is beginning to be sort of a trend, Leach hiring coaches or former players (see Lincoln Riley). Moore has this on the hiring process:

"I knew the opening was there,'' Moore said. "He hadn't really called me until he offered (the job) to me. He told me he had done all his homework, watched game film from the team I had last year and then made his decision from that, I believe."

According to the LAJ and Williams again, something strange happened in Lubbock yesterday, Cowboys owner and general manager, visited Lubbock to meet with Texas Tech athletic director, Gerald Myers, to promote the new Cowboy's stadium. So what's strange is that Jones came to Lubbock on his own to present the stadium to Tech. Don has this on the meeting:

Myers said Jones did not make a proposal about Tech playing a game in Dallas, but showed what the new venue will have to offer. Greg McElroy, Cowboys vice president of sales and marketing, also took part in the presentation, which included a DVD viewing.

Myers did confirm the negotiations with Texas A&M on moving a game to the Cotton Bowl:

For the past two years, Tech has studied the viability of moving a football game to the Dallas area, though the focal point of discussions and speculation often has centered around the Cotton Bowl as the site. Cotton Bowl officials recently extended a contract to keep the Texas-Oklahoma game in the Cotton Bowl through 2015 and want to add other high-profile games to justify spending millions of dollars on stadium renovations.

It also appears that Jerry is making an honest push to have Texas Tech at the new stadium rather than in the Cotton Bowl:

"He did not make any proposal or anything like that," Myers said. "He was talking about Oklahoma State - I guess mainly because that was what was in the papers this weekend in Dallas. That's the only (potential opponent) he alluded to. Now, he hasn't talked to Oklahoma State to my knowledge."

In any case, I find this incredibly interesting. Although I have nothing to base this on, I imagine that the series of events went something like this: Jerry reads the paper, sees that Tech is close to coming to an agreement with Oklahoma State. Jerry calls Myers and says that before he agrees to anything with OSU, he'd like to sit down and talk to him about playing the game in the new Cowboys stadium. For all of fans wondering why the deal wasn't getting done, this is probably why, Myers sees an opportunity. Let's just say that Tech agrees to this deal with OSU on a 2 year deal, just long enough to build the new stadium. The game then could potentially move if the numbers support the move, make the game an event.

Does anyone else find this incredibly surreal?

TSN's Tom Dienhart names Coach Leach as one of the 5 best coaches at X-ing and O-ing. What's more delicious is that Coach Fran was named as one of the 4 most overrated coaches. I wonder what Fran's reputation is nationally? Is he a respected coach who's turned around programs, or is he a guy who had some early success and is now living off that success. I wonder if Dienhart is just making this up or if he actually talked to other coaches.

Tom's got a second list of the BCS coaches and Coach Leach, according to Deinart, is #26. Understandably, there are some folks who are a little perturbed at the list. All I care about is that Little Coach Fran is #37., Olin Buchanan has a list (who doesn't love a list?) of players who did well in the spring and those who didn't. Anyone want to guess which Red Raider didn't?

Texas Tech Basketball:

Gary Parrish has an article on moving collegiate 3-point line and mentions Coach Knight's utter dislike for the 3-point shot.