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Recruiting Quick Hits

Texas Tech Football

Thinking about yesterday's new commitment got me thinking about the current status of this year's draft class. I've already created a 2008 Texas Tech recruiting board for reference purposes. From a position standpoint, who is Tech making offers to and who should they be making offers to? How many of the current offerees are at each position:

  • Quarterback: 1
  • Running Back: 3
  • Wide Receiver: 7
  • Offensive Tackle: 2
  • Defensive Tackle: 1
  • Defensive End: 7
  • Linebacker: 3
  • Safety: 4

Texas Tech's 2006 class was heavy in offensive linemen (7), defensive ends (4), linebackers (5) and defensive backs (5). Remember those were the players recruited, not the players who are currently with the team. In addition, the 2007 Texas Tech class also had their fair share of linemen (7), wide receivers (5), and defensive ends (5). I have a couple of probably incoherent thoughts here.

  • First, Leach will probably take a year off on recruiting a large number of offensive linemen. I'm not saying I agree with this proposition, but looking at the numbers, he's got other areas of concern he has to address. Personally, I always worry a little about not getting at least 3 to 5 linemen each year because there is always attrition on the line, which is as evident now than it ever has been. I have a feeling that Leach really likes the current group of linemen, despite their relative inexperience.
  • What's the deal with the defensive ends? Leach has signed 8 defensive ends in the last two years and he and his staff have made offers to 7 more (he's already signed 2, Haliburton and Fowler). Does anyone else find this incredibly odd? I've said it before (here and here) that just based on recruiting numbers there's a real possibility that Tech moving more towards a 3-4 defense. Fehoko and Sonier (I have high hopes for Sonier) are those types of players that could play that rush linebacker position.
  • One quarterback per recruiting class. No more, no less.
  • I think that Leach will continually try to improve the athletes he has at wide receiver. The more talented athletes at all 4 receiver positions will mean complete and total offensive domination.
  • Jeffers is the first 4 star running back recruit to commit to Tech in a very long time. This thought is pretty simplistic, but sometimes those thoughts are better than the well thought out ideas, but a talented running back could be a great equalizer on this offense and would open up so many lanes for the receivers, especially the inside receivers.

So who what other position should be Tech's focus? Where are your current areas of need. I'd love to see a few more defensive linemen committed, which is an obvious answer. Tech did not recruit any defensive backs in the 2007 recruiting class other than JUCO DeShon Sanders and Bront Bird, who will probably move to linebacker, so that will probably be a need for the 2008 class.

For additional time-wasting here's a review and preview of each position for the Red Raiders after this past year's season, including positional depth charts for each position: