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Wednesday Morning Notes

Texas Tech Football is reporting that Texas Tech has received another commitment from 6-2, 205 lb., safety, Cody Davis from Stephenville, Texas. Here are his respective profiles from the two recruiting websites:

According to, Davis is a 3 star recruit, which is in line with the current type of recruit that is currently being offered, Ryan Haliburton is the only exception. Davis along with Fowler, Jeffers and Doege are all very talented players who would be good to great recruits for most other programs.

What's this? DMN's Chuck Carlton is reporting that if the BCS adds to its current list of bowl game, the Cotton Bowl is looking to get in on the action. The biggest reason why the Cotton Bowl is being considered? Jerry's World.

Conventional wisdom has the Cotton Bowl at the top of the list of BCS contenders, along with Atlanta's Chick-Fil-A Bowl and Orlando's Capital One Bowl.

The positioning and quiet lobbying and relationship-building might not mean anything if the BCS doesn't change its lineup or add a bowl, possibly by ending the double-hosting format. The championship site now hosts a second game a week earlier, straining city and bowl personnel.

Current BCS coordinator Mike Slive, the SEC commissioner, told his fellow commissioners to consider the future at their meetings this spring.

All the Cotton Bowl can do is tout its biggest asset, which just a few months ago was its biggest liability.

Things are changing, yes they are.

Sporting News' Tom Dienhart ranks the difficulty of the non-conference Big 12 schedules and considers Tech's schedule "shameful". Meh. This discussion is a week too old.

Texas Tech Basketball

News story I completely missed: Brandon Rush returns to school next year to improve his stock or perhaps but now we find out it is to repair his torn ACL. SBNation's Rock Chalk Talk has the news and the updates. The reality is that this is sad, I hate to see a player get hurt, especially a torn ACL. I hope Brandon comes back at full strength.

Texas Tech Baseball

Make sure and check out Corn Nation and Burnt Orange Nation to follow all of your Big 12 teams in the NCAA Baseball Tournament.