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What's to Lose by Playing OSU in the Cotton Bowl? Nothing.

We've had an excellent and spirited debate about whether or not the mere idea of playing in the Cotton Bowl is a good idea.  I really like what DMN blogger, Brian Davis had to say about the possibility of this game:

There are some hurdles remaining before any sort of Texas Tech-Oklahoma State gets finalized for the Cotton Bowl in 2008. But here's some advice to both schools -- do the deal for two years before committing to anything long term.

Yes, I know both schools are planning stadium expansions. OSU's home stadium should be finished by the 2008 season. But both want to play in Dallas. So what I would suggest for Gerald Myers and Mike Holder is to sign a two-year deal with an option for a third and fourth year.

By limiting the contract, it gives both schools a chance to come to Dallas, go to the Fair, eat corny dogs, play the game, ride the ferris wheel and have a good time. If it doesn't work (read: people can't fill up a 90,000-seat stadium) then go back to home-and-home. No harm, no foul. Worst case scenario, both teams could play in Dallas for two years, get the publicity bump out of it and then head back to campus.

It seems like a win-win, if fans for both teams will show up in force. Tech and OSU both want the exposure that playing in Dallas brings. Recruits will notice, too. The Texas-OU game is like a bowl game in the middle of the season. The Red Raiders and Cowboys would have to give up very little just to see what that's like.

Making an attempt, that's what's important.  If it doesn't work out then is Tech really any worse off?  I don't think so.  In fact, by 2008 there's a very good chance that this game will be the inaugural "Double T Nation Tailgating Fiesta".