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Reorganization of Baseball Coaching Staff

LAJ's George Watson provides quite a bit of background on what's going to happen regarding Coach Hays and the baseball staff. No assistant coach will be fired, but an assistant will be added. This from Coach Hays:

"What should have been said was that we're going to hire a new coach, and after we get him hired, we're going to adjust the staff around him," Hays said. "I'm talking about our existing staff. We're not chasing anybody off and that's the bottom line. How that turned into what it turned into, I'll never know."

Watson adds the following regarding assistants:

Without naming any names, Hays said he has in mind who he wants to add to his staff and that it will be from a standpoint of strengthening Tech's recruiting efforts. Once that coach is in place, then his actual on-field assignments will be designated in accordance to his strengths, and the rest of the staff will be reassigned from there.

The new coach, however, will be a paid assistant, and since NCAA regulations limit teams to two paid assistants, one of the current paid assistants - outfield and hitting coach Daren Hays or infield coach Bobby Sherrard - will be relegated to volunteer status if both decide to stay on staff.

Interesting . . .