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Wednesday Morning Notes - DFW Game Update

Quick couple of notes from today's DMN, Chip Brown has an article on the Big 12 Coaches meetings and the Big 12 football coaches wish list, including: an early signing period, a 5th year of eligibility, and a 9th (seriously) bowl tie-in game. Brown notes that the Big 12 coaches are not likely to get any of these things.

Brown also reports that the men's championship game will not be moved to Saturday, the thought being that the championship game on Sunday was too close to the announcement of the 64 teams by the NCAA selection committee.

Finally, Brown as a quote from Tech AD, Gerald Myers on playing a game in the DFW area:

"[Dallas mayor] Laura Miller would like us to make a decision quickly to play at the Cotton Bowl, but we're going to take our time and look at the options," Myers said.

Does anyone else get the impression that Miller is probably bugging everyone at Tech to make a decision? I don't mind if Gerald takes his time making a decision, but I want a game in the DFW area, preferably in the air-conditioning.