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Tuesday Night Notes

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Texas Tech Football

DMN's Barry Horn is reporting that ESPN will assume the Big 12 Conference football games beginning in 2007. This from Horn:

Fox Sports Net, which has the cable rights to Big 12 football, will sublicense five games during the 2007 season to ESPN. In addition, Fox Sports Net will broadcast as many as 19 Big 12 games this season.

"When our five-year deal with TBS to distribute these games ended, ESPN was a logical fit to honor this commitment," said Jeremy Langer, FSN's Executive Director of Collegiate Sports. ESPN's first Big 12 game will be Saturday, Sept. 15, featuring Florida State-Colorado. The remaining four games will be selected 12 days in advance of each game scheduled for Oct. 6, 13, 20 and Nov. 3.

SEN's Tim Griffin is also reporting that the Alamo Bowl is making a bid for the Big 12 Championship football game and the Big 12 basketball tournament.

Sportsline's Dennis Dodd has something to fill your morning, college football top 5 lists (including, but not limited to top 5 recruiters, top 5 game day coaches, top 5 game day atmosphere's, etc.). You can also watch a video of Dodd talk about the Big 12 (he thinks A&M and Missouri might win their respective divisions - stomach punch).

Texas Tech Baseball

First, it appears that the Longhorns dominate the All-Big 12 Baseball Team. The only Red Raider representative, Roger Kieschnick.

LAJ's George Watson is reporting that the current baseball coaching staff will be reorganized this summer. No one appears to be available for comment, but according to Watson, "the process of hiring a new assistant coach has begun and an announcement for that hiring will be made at a later date." Anyone else think this is a little weird? Nevertheless, it sounds like Myers is not going to allow Hayes to stand pat with the current group of coaches.

Off Topic

For those of you who only want hard-core sports all of the time, ignore the rest of this. I found an amazing time-lapse video (HT: Kottke) of the Civil War in 4 minutes. I was shocked/horrified by how fast the casualty numbers, for both sides, clicked along.