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Socks and Uniforms

As you guys know, I love uniforms and this thought started last year when I was watching some random Notre Dame game. I noticed that nearly Notre Dame's entire team had their socks pulled up and I couldn't help but think about two things. First, the entire team looked really sharp as they all looked the same (hence the thought that it is a uniform). There were no players with their socks pulled down, some socks pulled up, and others in-between. My second thought was this whole low-sock thing has got to run it's course very soon. I can't recall as to when this low sock thing started (I'm tempted to think that it was in the late 1980's or early 1990's, but I could be very wrong) and it simply has to stop.

Thus, I implore our humble Coach Leach and request that you assist in my goal of making our football team complete their uniformed look.

I have never been a huge fan of the UnderArmor look. However, the look as grown on me as the years have progressed. So long as the team wears all black, all red or all white then I think it's a good look.

Is there any doubt that Texas Tech's uniforms would look outstanding if every player was required to wear the same colored sock as the color of pants they are wearing? Thus, on the picture below, whenever Tech wears their red uniforms, the entire team should wear red socks and when we wear the black, black socks, etc. I know that this is a minor thing, but that's what we do in the offseason, we discuss minor things.

Coach Leach, if you're listening, please consider enforcing this. It will make Texas Tech faster than a locomotive and able to leap tall buildings in a single bound, guaranteed.

One other smaller gripe. Doesn't the text across the chest of the football jersey need to be the same type of text used for the double "T"? I think for me that this would complete the look.

Jodi Miller Lubbock Avalanche-Journal