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Texas Tech 15, Oklahoma 5

Texas Tech Baseball

We end on a high note.

With their last game of the season, Texas Tech was able to manage at 15-5 victory over Oklahoma. The game was called in the 7th inning due to the Big 12 run rule. Aarom Odom pitched a complete game (i.e. 7 innings) , had 7 hits, gave up 5 runs, 4 earned, walked 4 and struck out 1.

There were 4 Red Raiders who hit home runs: Doug Thennis, James Leverton, Taylor Ashby and Chris Hall. The offense was led by Taylor Ashby who had 3 hits and 4 RBI. Thennis, Chris Richburg, Matt Smith and Chris Hall each had 2 RBI as well. In fact, every player had at the very least a hit today.

I hated to see this team struggle so much. I'll post the expected LAJ's George Watson game article tomorrow.

Update [2007-5-21 6:35:33 by Seth C]: LAJ's George Warner has his game story and this about the returning ball club:
The key now will be how the Red Raiders use this win when the fall rolls around. Several players will compete in various summer leagues across the country, and catcher Matt Smith is the team's most likely candidate to be a high draft pick. Other than that, only a few holes would have to be filled, including just one in the infield and a few positions in the pitching staff.

But as much as the physical aspect will result in an experienced team returning, the mental part of what returns may be the most critical.

And this from Coach Hays:

"You always remember the last game, and maybe we'll remember the last game and not the season," head coach Larry Hays said. "Our last six road games in conference we played pretty good baseball. That's a pretty good team on the field, and we've got them all back except Martin. We just have to do a good job rebuilding our pitching staff and adding a couple or three key guys."